Comic Fiesta 2015 is the largest Cosplay Event in Malaysia and this year they have moved to a new venue. The place are bigger than previous venue but the spot for photography and videography are quite challenging. According to my friend who is a videographer, there are 3 colours in his video due to the laminating of windows, hall light and booth light. It’s pretty interesting and challenging he said.

This time we travelled in 3 cars as there’s not enough people to rent a bus. Fortunately we came by ourselves as we faced a huge jam on the way back. A bus who are not familiar with the place also blocked the whole road due waiting for his passenger. I guess if we were to bring a group with bus, we must really study the location and understand the layout. The whole place are packed with cars because there are 3 exit from the parking towards 1 exit of the venue. Due to such great event, the traffic will be worsen more than ever.

We also faced hotel problem this year. It’s strange though, this time i booked and paid every room myself yet problem still arises. Really something that i can’t understand but with the good cooperation of the hotel’s manager, all are solved and everyone is happy.

Hence, here’s a few photos by our photographer :

Album :

1240621_980017282071938_4543326557266894150_n12365917_980028415404158_4874437610495137088_oAlbum :

And a fanvideo by my friend, CH Tan from the event :

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